Grow your retirement savings with a voluntary plan

Three Voluntary Retirement Plans

Save more with CU’s voluntary retirement plans

Want to put more money aside for your retirement? CU’s three voluntary retirement savings plans are a great way to supplement your basic retirement plan. You can enroll or adjust your contributions at any time, fees are low and each plan gives you the flexibility to choose your own investments or have specialists do it for you.

Open to all employees, voluntary plans allow you to put away additional money in one or more plans, up to a set annual limit, for retirement. Determine the best option for you by visiting our voluntary retirement plan webpages.

You can choose from the following plans:

  • CU’s 403(b) Plan
  • PERA 401(k) Plan
  • PERA 457 Plan

These plans are defined contribution plans where you set aside money on a pre-tax basis — or after taxes with each plan's Roth option.

Note: You can enroll in any of the voluntary plans, whether you qualify for a mandatory retirement plan or not. You make all plan contributions and assume investment risks and rewards.

Eligibility: All employees

Pre-tax savings

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