The CU Advantage: What will you find here?

You help make CU something to be proud of. With the contribution of your talent, we’ve been able to create a highly respected university system that is one of Colorado’s largest employers. CU’s size and stature gives us the internal resources to deliver benefits, resources and perks designed to keep you happy and fruitful.

That’s where The CU Advantage comes into play. This site presents you with a one-stop spot to find and take advantage of the many benefits, resources, perks and advantages CU has assembled as part of its commitment to its workforce. Here, you’ll find:

  • Details about benefits and policies that make CU a great place to work 
  • Helpful resources and programs to improve your financial outlook and personal life
  • Perks and discounts that can save you money
  • Ways to increase your career skills and training at no cost to you
  • Ways to access social and cultural events on our campuses

Submission guidelines

If you would like to submit details on a University of Colorado program, benefit or perk to be featured in the CU Advantage, we ask that it adheres to the following guidelines:

Items that qualify for The CU Advantage:

  • Items available CU faculty and staff as part of their employment with CU
  • Benefits and policies that make CU a worker-friendly place
  • Programs and resources available to CU’s workforce
  • Perks and discounts on goods and services
  • Campus cultural events available at a discounted cost or for free
  • External discounts available to CU employees that have been negotiated by CU campuses or departments

Items that do not qualify for The CU Advantage:

  • Business Tools provided to CU faculty and staff in their daily work
  • Third-party vendor discounts that have not been negotiated by CU System Administration or CU campuses

Suggest a perk

If you would like to suggest an item for inclusion or recommend a perk that CU should offer, please tell us more using the Suggest a Perk webform

Our staff will review your submission and reach out when we’ve determined if it will be included on the website.

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Share your feedback

Tell us how you used a CU Advantage benefit, service or perk. We may share your feedback on the website or use it to improve our offerings.

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