Take your family on a stellar adventure to Fiske Planetarium at a discounted rate

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Fiske Planetarium

Experience Fiske’s dazzling visuals, cutting-edge content and 8K Sky-Skan projection system.

Fiske Planetarium’s innovative and immersive films, talks, laser shows and celestial event gatherings are engaging for all ages. Located on the University of Colorado Boulder campus, Fiske holds the title of the largest planetarium between Chicago and Los Angeles, extending 65 feet across. Even if space isn’t your thing, Fiske’s MegaStar projector is sure to amaze you with its nearly 10 million stars and the Milky Way Galaxy display, creating one of the most astounding indoor skies ever.

With a valid CU BuffOne card, CU Boulder faculty and staff can receive a Fiske Punch Card at the planetarium. The card can be punched once for each person in a group. The punch card alternates between the following rewards:

  1. Free ticket
  2. Regular priced ticket
  3. 50% discount

The rewards are redeemed each time a star is punched. 

Adult tickets for planetarium shows are $12 and student, teacher (k-12), youth, military/veteran, and senior tickets are $8.

on Fiske Planetarium admission

Fiske Planetarium

(303) 492-5002

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