Feeling under the weather? Faculty members can receive up to 15 working days of sick time per year

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Sick Time - Faculty

Sick time is accrued based on your appointment at CU and is never capped.

At CU, our employees' health is vital to maintain a health work environment for both you and your coworkers. That's why we offer generous sick leave so you can take the time to rest when you're feeling under the weather.

For faculty members, your appointment determines your sick leave package:

  • Faculty members with 12-month appointments are eligible to receive 15 working days (120 hours) of paid sick leave annually, earned as 10 hours per month.
  • Faculty members with 100% nine-month appointments accrue 11 days (or 88 hours) of sick leave each year. Faculty who work part-time (less than a 100% appointment) accrue these amounts on a pro-rated basis. 

There is no limit on how much sick leave a faculty member may accrue.

Up to 15 sick days per year

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