CU's dental plans cover four no-cost cleanings a year

There's a battle taking place in your mouth and proper dental hygiene, including routine visits to the dentists, can help the good guys win

Luckily, CU Health Plan dental members have an ally in their efforts to fight tooth decay - four cleaning visits a year and services at no cost.

CU Health Plan - Essential Dental and CU Health Plan - Choice Dental provide an array of no-cost preventative and diagnostic services. That includes two oral exams, two bitewing x-rays per year, and these four cleanings.

Eligibility: You must be in a benefits-eligible position, working 50% or greater time to enroll in and use this CU Advantage item. Eligible CU faculty and staff can enroll in, adjust or cancel their benefits during the annual Open Enrollment period or certain qualifying life events. Eligible new hires have 31 days after their hire date to select their benefits package.

cleanings per year

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