Save money on travel with an RTD Eco Pass

CU Anschutz employees can enjoy RTD services throughout Colorado without breaking the bank.

RTD offers routes along the I-25 corridor throughout Denver and Boulder, offering Coloradoans the opportunity to alleviate car pollution and help the environment. In this spirit, CU wants to encourage students and staff to take advantage of Colorado’s robust public transportation by offering Eco Passes.

The passes provide unlimited rides on regular fixed route service provided by RTD and all RTD contractor-operated fixed route service, including bus and Light Rail. Eco Pass includes the Call-n-Ride and Airport bus and rail services. 

Full-time and part-time staff and faculty are eligible to participate in the Eco Pass program.

  • RTD Eco Pass:  $25 a month through payroll deductions
  • RTD Eco Pass plus unlimited parking in AMC permit parking lots: $71 per month
  • RTD Eco Pass plus unlimited Reserved Parking in the Anschutz Medical Campus permit parking lots: $96 per month
per month

Parking & Transportation

Phone: 303-724-2555
M-F: 7:30am to 4:30pm
After hours call: 303-724-4444

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