Earn increasing vacation hours as a Classified Staff member

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Vacation hours are accrued based on your length of service at the State of Colorado.

As a Classified Staff member, you are acting within a position that serves the State of Colorado. This comes with a generous vacation package based on years of service. As the years accumulate, the amount of vacation offered increases:

  • 1 - 36 months of service: Earn 8 hours of vacation per month
  • 37 - 60 months of service: Earn 9 hours of vacation per month
  • 61 - 120 months of service: Earn 11 hours of vacation per month
  • 121 - 180 months of service: Earn 13 hours of vacation per month 
  • 181 months or more service: Earn 16 hours of vacation per month

This amount of vacation time starts immediately when you begin working at CU, and you can carry over hours each year up to allowed maximums.

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