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UCCS HealthCircle

Benefits-eligible UCCS staff and faculty can enjoy accessible health care services right on campus.

The UCCS HealthCircle Clinic provides a range of assistance to fit your needs, including primary care, nutrition counseling, active living coaching, one-on-one provider-patient partnerships for mothers, aging services, and resources for veterans and those who have experienced trauma.

The services provided ensure that you have the best opportunity to put your foot forward with your health, providing resources for each patient’s needs and wants. Whether you’re creating an individualized training technique plan with your nutrition specialist or pursuing preventative measures with an annual physical, the UCCS HealthCircle Clinics is your comprehensive care resource.

Medical services

UCCS HealthCircle Clinics

(719) 255-8001

Lane Center for Academic Health Sciences
4863 N. Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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